Just Breathe


Throughout all the stress of life, whatever the cause may be, there is something we all need to remember. Let’s copy the whale, figuratively, by leaving the stresses and problems behind when we take a moment to resurface and breathe. We don’t want to be drowned in our problems, so remember, just breathe!



2 responses to “Just Breathe

  1. I feel like I always hyperventilate when I stress out. For me, taking depp breaths doesn’t help at all!

  2. S: I feel like this is very important to remember to do sometimes because we get so caught up in everyday life that we just forget to breathe! You wouldn’t believe that you could forget, but honestly, it happens! For example, when I began Track, I would often have my coach yelling at me,”Remember to breathe!” I’d often find myself doing things- drills especially- without taking a breathe! I find it really helps me deal with stress as well. Thank you for posting this and reminding the world! 🙂

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