A Fatal Mistake


There is an insect that does something quite extraordinary. Well, some would call it disgusting, but that might be just because they’re not that into bugs. The insect in question is the praying mantis, and its only the female mantis’ that do this. Are you ready for it? They eat the male while mating. I know, some of you might be really disgusted and think that it’s a bad idea, but that’s just what the mantis does. The male mantis passes on his genes to the female to produce offspring. While mating, the female will eat the male’s head and sometimes more, but the decapitated male will continue to mate. However, the death of the male is not a waste.  It actually is beneficial, well, except for him. The male provides key nutrients for the future offspring. The male essentially willingly gives up his life for the future of his young.

We can apply this to our lives’ as well. No, I’m not saying that we should eat each other. I’m saying that sometimes what we might at first perceive as a bad idea might actually end up being good. We should try new things, even if they seem bad, as long as we have good intentions with them. We should go through with our ideas instead of throwing them away. Do whatever you want, just don’t do something you know you shouldn’t. The praying mantis doesn’t care if someone sees it committing mantis cannibalism. All the mantis cares about is the survival of its young. So be like the mantis and do things you might otherwise have not done, because who knows, it might yield benefits in the future.


P.S. I am providing a video of a mantis eating its mate. Don’t watch it if you think you might not want to see the process.


2 responses to “A Fatal Mistake

  1. I was previously very disgusted with this mantis cannibalism, but thank you for shedding some light on the topic. You’re right, just because I think it’s a bad idea, it might not be. I have to keep an open mind about other’s decisions.

  2. I loved how you used the mantis to show that seemingly bad ideas may actually be good or beneficial. It was a very creative example, and summed up the idea you are trying to express perfectly. Great blog post!

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