Be Unexpected

sheep-02As we all know, the sheep is not the brightest of animals. You could call their actions unexpected, or wild. However, they are extremely loyal. They normally stay in large flocks and what one sheep do, they all do. “If one sheep jumps of a cliff, they all will jump off the cliff” I think that sheep are pretty funny in this way. I like how they do random things.  A lot of people call sheep one of the stupidest animals, but that’s okay. It sounds fun to be a sheep once in a while, to do random things that may be dumb, but it doesn’t matter because everyone else is doing it to. What is important is the last part: all the sheep act together. They know they aren’t alone. I think it would be nice if we all acted like sheep sometimes. It would make us feel wild.

Another side of this that is just as good is to break away from the flock and do something different. Don’t be the same as everyone else. Even though sheep don’t do things separately, I think it would be fun to watch a sheep do something random and unexpected. You don’t have to do the same thing as everyone else. You can be different and do something else.

Yes, I know. I wrote about two contrasting things. But not everyone wants to be like everyone else, or not everyone wants to be different. Choose whichever is right for you. Just don’t do what everyone expects you to do all the time. Be unexpected.



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