Being Productive


Beavers are one of my favorite creatures. As we all know, beavers build dams, but before we get to that, I’ll talk a little about the beaver itself. Beavers are a rodent and what many people don’t know is that they are nocturnal. They live in colonies, mostly along rivers or streams, as they are semi aquatic. They eat mostly fish, and since rivers and streams freeze in many areas in the winter, this can be a problem. That is one of the reasons why beavers build dams. They chew off logs from trees and carve it to what they want.

Beaver Chew

They then place the stick, branches, and other pieces of wood in the river and pile them up, creating a dam that blocks most of the water flow from the river, creating a build up of water which allows for other animals to survive.

The dams also keep the beavers warmer in the winter, and keeps the water in the dam from freezing, so the beavers have an easy access to fish in the winter. Also, the dams protect the beavers from predators, such as foxes, who would take advantage of the beaver’s slowish speed on land and eat them.

Beaver dam

In many ways we can learn from the beaver. The beaver doesn’t care how long it would take to make the dam or chew down a tree, it simply does it without complaining. This is more productive than most of us will likely ever be. The beaver’s work is also much harder than any work we will ever do, and the beaver is only a fraction of our size. So don’t complain about doing simple chores around the house. Just be glad you have it easier than the beaver. No one exemplifies being productive quite like the beaver.



2 responses to “Being Productive

  1. Nice article and I loved the connection! I enjoy reading all of your blog posts because not only do I learn about animals, but your posts connects with such interesting things. Keep it up!

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