What a rhino doesn’t know…

black-rhino_468_600x450 (1)We all know the phrase, “What someone doesn’t know can’t hurt him.” Well, for the black rhinoceros, that couldn’t be further from true. The black rhino is currently critically endangered as there are very few left in the wild. These rhinos are found in southern Africa. They are hunted for their horns which are extremely valuable. The sad thing is, many of the people that are hunting them are natives of Africa who will do anything just to survive. They don’t care about the black rhino, but rather the money that they will gain from taking down one of these beasts.


The black rhino is experiencing an animal version of anosognosia, which means that there are things happening that they don’t know about. In this case, the black rhino does not know that it is going extinct or why it’s being hunted. All it cares about is taking care of its young and surviving like it has for many years.


The black rhino will not run and hide, because as far as it knows, there is nothing to hide from. It will continue to act normally until they go extinct, but hopefully that never happens. It will continue to fall towards extinction until it gets help. What a rhino doesn’t know can hurt it.


*EDIT* November 8, 2013

As of today, the western black rhino is officially extinct in the wild. This is extremely sad and just goes to show how fragile life on this world really is.


2 responses to “What a rhino doesn’t know…

  1. Wonderful application of anosognosia, Jason! Good job on making use of the concept in a clear and concise way. Your last paragraph of text really brought the point home.

  2. A really interesting take on anosognosia! It is really quite sad that rhinos don’t have any type of warning or reason as to why they are being hunted. Sometimes it is up to others to let people in trouble know what’s going on. In this case, it’s ours, as humans; it’s our job to stop our own crimes.

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