Change of Tastes

Leopard Gecko6

An animal that I recently became acquainted with is the leopard gecko. This reptile is native to deserts in Asia, especially in Pakistan. However, now it is most commonly found in local pet stores. These geckos are easy to take care of as they required little water, eat crickets, meal worms, or other insects, and require little work other than that. Leopard geckos are basically a perfect pet, especially for beginners.

2525820-un-joven-gecko-leopardo-es-comer-una-cricketI don’t know who decided that a leopard would make a good pet, or why he thought that, but he obviously had a change of tastes. He didn’t want just a traditional pet, he chose something exotic that no one had chosen before. As a result, the gecko is domesticated and found in many household all across the world. It is truly a big transformation.

P.S. I chose leopard gecko this week because I recently got my own! Meet Oliver!



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