Alpha Male

Many common conceptions about wolves is they are evil, devious, or just about any other word you can use to say that they aren’t the nicest creature in the forest. Well, I can’t say that you’re wrong, because for the most part you’d be right… but I’ll get to that later.


Although most wolves are grey, they can range from reds, white, black, or brown. They can pretty much be found anywhere in the northern hemisphere but mostly in the forests of North America, Europe, or Asia. They prefer colder climates which is why much of the wolf pictures or videos you see have snow. Wolves live in packs, usually of about 5-11 members. wolf1The wolves are also known for keeping great care of their young as the female is very protective of  her cub(s) and doesn’t let any wolf, even the father, get close to them for a while after they’re born. The mother wolf is one of the most dedicated mother’s in the animal kingdom.wolf-and-cub-wallpapers.1024x768Now to talk a little about what I started this post with. We’ve all heard the stories of “Little Red Riding Hood” or “The Three Little Pigs”, so we know that common folklore portrays wolves as evil. This wouldn’t be false, as wolves can definitely be ferocious and deadly, but wolves aren’t as bad as we hear in the stories. However, wolves can be quite violent among themselves. Wolf packs usually have an Alpha male, which is the leader of the pack. This wolf is the dominant wolf compared to the others and he usually has to fight for his position. Most of the time, the Alpha male receives his position by making a coup d’etat against the current alpha male in charge. This can become very violent and bloody as the overthrow usually occurs through a fight, and sometimes wolves die.


This is not very different to what happens in the human world. Many times leaders fall victim to plans of treason as they are overthrown. Throughout history and literature, kings, prime ministers, or whatever the leader may be called, are attacked and sometimes killed by someone who wants to take their position as leader. Just like in wolf packs, sometimes these don’t work and the attacker is the one put down. Leadership is rarely accompanied with little violence.




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