Learning from Experience


As you probably guess from the images, this post will be about the octopus, one of my favorite sea creatures. (I’ve also noticed that I’ve done a lot of post about marine animals so I’ll try to mix it up next time). The octopus is truly an amazing creature. There are so many things about the octopus that you don’t find in many other places in the animal kingdom. For one, the octopus is a master of disguise. If it feels like it’s in danger, it can easily blend to it’s surrounding both in color and texture so it is perfectly camouflaged. If that is not enough, it will shoot ink into the water, making it black and murky allowing the octopus to escape unharmed.

Also, the octopus has countless suction cups on each of its eight tentacles, allowing it to grab on to things, wrap around them, and hold on tight.


One of the most interesting thing about octopi, (yes, not octopuses) is that its body is completely made of muscle and other soft tissue except for its beak, so it can have free mobility. It can move in and out of tiny crevices with ease. Another thing is that they are very intelligent. If its food is enclosed in something like a jar, an octopus will learn to take the cap off of the jar and get the food. They do this with rocks and shells in the wild as well.

octopus (1)

There are somethings about the octopus that we can use in our daily lives. No I’m not saying that we are insignificant to the octopus, but sometimes we as humans act dumber than the octopus. We can learn to critical think sometimes instead of giving up easily so that what we try to do can be accomplished. We can also learn from experience so that we don’t make the same mistake over and over. The octopus is truly one of the most intelligent animals.



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