A Horrific Creature


It may seem like a creature from a horror story, one that you try to avoid, a monster. It did appear in a popular film. Not the type you might think. It appeared in the movie, Madagascar. It’s an aye-aye! These are a type of lemurs native to Madagascar, in which they were made to look much more acceptable than what they actually look like. It is nocturnal, which can account for its ugly appearance, and it eats grubs out of trees much like a woodpecker does, except the aye-aye uses a long middle finger instead of a beak.


Many people are turned away by the aye-aye, as it appears disgusting, gross, and even scary. This just adds to the bad popularity around the aye-aye. It is not an evil creature, it is just trying to live normally. The aye-aye is greatly misunderstood as it is not a horrific animal, rather a friendly one.




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