Most of you know or at least have a guess of what animal this is and what I’m going to talk about. This is a chimpanzee, one of the most intelligent species on earth other than humans. This comes from being the closest living species to humans. Chimps are native to selective parts of central Africa. Chimpanzees, like humans, are very close to their young, and take care of them into adulthood. They also live in family groups with a hierarchy.


Chimps are also known to learn different forms of sign language and associate certain objects and feelings with a certain sign. They can have emotions, and often laugh and cry based on the situation. They like to get involved with things that other’s do, so they can feel important and needed. Chimps are intelligent enough to be able to use tools to accomplish something, which is rare in the animal kingdom. With this comes the ability to analyze a situation and act in a manner according to it.


As chimpanzees are intelligent, so are we. Even though they may seem very intelligent, us humans are many times more intelligent. We are able to analyze much more than chimps, so let’s not take it for granted. One of the major things that chimps can’t do is read. With the ability to read, humans can gain an infinite amount of knowledge as analyzing literature can unlock a multitude of information that would otherwise not have been known. Chimps are very fun and intelligent, but humans can do much more.



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