A Rarity

The red-crested tree rat is a creature that was believed to be extinct, as the last sighting was in 1898. However, in 2011, volunteers at the El Dorado Nature Reserve in the District of Columbia encountered two of these rats. The volunteers were overjoyed as they did not know what it was. It was not until further study that the organisms were identified.


There are very few photographs of this rat, so there is a limit for what I can include in this post. Basically all the photos I include comprise all the photos take. Little is known about the rat, since it was ‘extinct’ for over 100 years. It is speculated that it is just like any other rat/marsupial and acts the same way, occupying the same niche.


Discovering this animal is basically treading into the unknown. No one knows what to expect from it, as it is virtually walking blindly into the heart of darkness. What we can take from this is that when we walk into the unknown, something beneficial may still come from it.


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