A Totalitarian Government

Most of the time, it is best to work together, but sometimes it is too controlling. An example of this is the ant. The common ant which we see all the time running around the floor is just a minion in the larger ant colony. It is like the whole life of each individual ant is controlled and planned out, and they have no say in it. Ants are bred to carry out one function in the colony, fighting, gathering food, etc. Millions are bred to fulfill the purpose.  Each ant carries out its duty and is constantly working.

640_Ant bridge

However, the mastermind of this is the queen ant, which stays in the ant hill and lays all of the eggs. The queen ant controls what goes on and all the processes that go along with it. Thus, if the queen ant dies, the colony goes into disarray. She is always the largest and most important ant in the colony and is constantly mating.

Rifa3There are many places where we can find ideas like this today, whether it be in history or literature. Picturing totalitarian governments is common in today’s media as it shows a gloomy world where one person is dictator in charge of all the people who are forced to act, dress, live a certain way. In many ways, it is just like the ant colonies.



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