Getting Rejected

One of the most well known birds by its appearance is the peacock. This is because of it’s flashy, large, colorful feathers.


Peacocks have these feathers as a way for a male to court a female to be his mate. The peacocks with the longer, flashier feather’s usually win the favor of the female and the others lose out. Do the ugly one’s win in anything?


I just like how cumbersome the feathers  are, because even when they aren’t being flashed, they trail behind and make it hard for the bird to move .


Like most birds, the male is the one with the colorful feathers, while the female wears the traditional brown-white feathers.


Now back the the rejection. It must feel horrible for the ‘uglier’ peacock to get rejected because, in reality, he had no control over how long or colorful his feathers grew to be.

This is a feeling many high school seniors can relate to around this time: college acceptance/rejection letters come out. It is the toughest thing in the world when you get the letter back from your dream school saying that they reject you. This happened to me as my dream school was UCLA, which I got rejected to. But all is well that ends well, just hope that you’re not like the peacock that gets rejected because sometimes they cannot find any mate that will accept them.

(I did not mean to say that you will be like the rejected peacock. I hope you get in somewhere and all is well. If you didn’t, I’m sorry and this just got awkward)


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